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General Information

Greetings from Port Vila, Vanuatu and the National Office of YWAM Vanuatu!
We have many opportunities for you and your team to serve here in Vanuatu whether it is with a local Vanuatu church, partner organizations or with one of our own YWAM Vanuatu ministries. We have an opportunity for you!

Ministry Locations

We currently have 2 ministry locations for you to consider partnering with while here. V2 Life Association and Marine Reach Vanuatu.

Type of Ministry

Vanuatu is a Christian Nation and church plays a very central role in all of society and everyday life. The majority of people know the Gospel, God is important to them and they are active in one of the countless churches. While we are not against outreaches with a strong evangelism focus such as DTS outreaches, it does take a special motivation, different approaches and a clear word of the Lord to see such an outreach become a success. There are better locations in the world for a DTS outreach than Vanuatu. However, we strongly encourage second level UofN schools and specialized ministry teams to consider doing outreach in Vanuatu as the needs are great and manifold.

Length of Time

As a guideline, we usually ask that a team stay in one location for a minimum of 2-3 weeks to be most effective here on outreach. Relationships are key to reaching the Ni-Vanuatu people and we have found that many pastors and ministry leaders appreciate that as well. At the same time, should you decide to go and minister in a small village or outer islands, outreach teams can also become a burden to the community and in those cases we usually limit a team’s stay to one, maximum two weeks. For teams coming in on a shorter trip, we can tailor your outreach to your needs.


Upon arrival in Vanuatu, visitors receive a 30 day free tourist permit which can be extended to 4 months for a fee of 6000vt per person.

NOTE: While we do not intend to control your outreach or who you partner with in Vanuatu, we do prefer that you do not contact various ministry locations, local churches or other ministries directly as this will make things more confusing and bog down the process. If you do have existing relationships for outreach in Vanuatu please feel free to set up your outreach through them, however, our office will still need to know about you coming as we will need to submit your team’s details to the Labour Department for proper registration and permit exemptions.

We also encourage you to have your team members check out our website as it contains helpful info on Vanuatu and Vanuatu culture as well as all of our ministries. We believe that everyone will find it quite interesting!

All teams need to be registered with the YWAM Vanuatu National Office for Labour Permit purposes. To start the application process please email us to request an outreach application form.

Be blessed and have a great day!



Outreach Teams