In March 2015, Vanuatu was rocked by a category 5 cyclone named Pam. Youth With a Mission Vanuatu was both blessed and rocked by the events that followed.

Their main operating location, V2 Life base, was massively damaged: 9 out of 12 buildings were in immediate need of replacement.
In miraculous provision, in Port Vila, Marine Reach’s hospitality centre was almost totally untouched. The day after the cyclone, Grace House became a hive of activity. Meals were cooked on the gas stove, a generator provided much needed power, and communications with a concerned world.

Through the coming weeks, YWAM Vanuatu would establish programmes to provide water filtration to nationals in desperate need of the simplest of necessities: drinking water.

At the same time, expressions of concern, finances, and teams came flooding in. Within weeks V2 Life was well on the way to being restored.

In June 2015, El Nino began to indicate it’s presence. By August, concerns were growing. In September, the country was in crisis. Rain has not fallen in reasonable quantities for months, tanks are dry and streams are similar.

Food and water shortages are critical, and YWAM has been in the unique position to actually do something. Though not a huge move, Sawyer filters have been arriving to help people to make sure that when they do find water, at least it will be safe to drink.