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YWAM Santo can be found in Luganville,Espiritu Santo in Northern Vanuatu. With all its leaders pursuing further training overseas, this centre is not running any ministry or programs at the moment. With a permanent team planning to be back there towards the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018, we continue outreach activities using our various contacts from local churches and ex-ywamers.
V2 Life is currently YWAM Vanuatu's main base. A Sustainable Technology and Bible Training Community, V2 Life is found 15 minutes drive out of Vanuatu's capital city, Port Vila. V2 Life's main focus is their small farm and training center, where training young people to become all God wants them to be is their top priority. V2 LIFE runs DTS. Training at V2 Life happens using both informal training on the farm and various hands-on projects, and more formal training  in their training cente.  In addition, V2 Life partners with Marine Reach to run regular community development projects and medical outreaches around the country. V2 LIFE is also establishing a Primary School, having run a kindergarten for the past two yers, planning to slowly expand the service to a full primary school.
 Marine Reach is a founding member of YWAM's medical, ship equipped ministry.Their medical ship, M/V Pacific Hope, has been visiting Vanuatu annually since July 2014 for medical outreaches providing Dental, Optometry and Primary Health care around the nation. In addition to it's ship ministry, Marine Reach has a small accommodation facility in Port Vila. Using this house as their base, Marine Reach partners with V2 LIfe to provide outreach teams opportunities to make a difference in local communities, running youth training, community development, and health awareness campaigns.

News Update - Discipleship Training School (DTS) 2018

Pacific Life DTS 2015One School, Multiple Locations
For the first 7 weeks the ASEAN DTS will run in multiple locations at their home campuses.
During this first phase each DTS will be grafted into their local base while starting to interact
with the other ASEAN DTS' in different locations. during these first 2 months we will be
coordinating some activities to help the schools build relationships from the beginning including
a weekly intercession schedule for the ASEAN nations where DTS' will skype together, similar lecture
topics and teachers, as well as join in times of worship and prayer. After the first seven weeks all DTS'
will convene together in Battambang, Cambodia, for the remainder of the school. Outreach will be all over
the 10 ASEAN nations. After one last week together in Battambang after outreach, each DTS will return to their home campus for graduation.

Dates: 7 January 2018 - 15 June 2018

The cost of the entire DTS including the phase in Vanuatu, the phase in Cambodia, Outreach, and travel from Vanuatu to Cambodia and back will be around USD 5000.

Contact us to find out more details.