In 2005, Tony had already been here for years. He wasn’t a local, but he wasn’t a stranger either. Roger and Ben were new. All three had a similar sense of God moving to establish YWAM in Vanuatu.
So with some regional YWAM leaders’ support, Youth With a Mission Vanuatu began.

Read more: Beginnings

Since then, we’ve seen dozens of Discipleship Training Schools run. We’ve had bases in large villages, on tiny islands, and in the middle of town.

Today you’ll find YWAM spread across Vanuatu.

The most formal expression is found at Marine Reach: their Family Care Centre runs DTS, Bible Corse Course, and health care training. In addition, they provide regular primary health care clinics to small communities.

Just down the road you’ll find V2 Life: opened with a vision to see young Melanesians launched into the most challenging mission fields, they have a heart for sustainable development training and the bible. In addition, they operate a growing K-6 primary school and have visions for a secondary school too.

In Port Vila you can find Tony and many other YWAMers doing discipleship and life in the spheres of society.

On Santo, you’ll find Lemy, Megan, and their family: they’re connected in long term ministry in Luganville. Down the road Selvin and her family have unique opportunities for childrens’ and young peoples’ ministry in remote communities.

Where is the Lord calling you to serve?

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