What Are the Greatest Needs?

I’ve had this question by email, phone and text message many times in the last 4 days. The challenge has been that communication networks have been badly damaged, making our ability to get up to date information very limited.
Today I had some great conversations with representatives from AusAid, NZAid, and Red Cross. All had the same response: “we’re busy with the needs assessment now.” Although it was a little frustrating hearing the same response from every person I talked to, it also gave me hope.
Not to mention helping me understand why I’ve seen so many military aeroplanes fly over us.
You see, if we all know the needs and then collaborate to meet them together, we reduce wasted time, money and resources.
So what does that actually mean to you? Well… while you’re busy raising the funds you need to come help us rebuild and relieve immediate needs, we’re busy making sure your trip really counts for real families.
Don’t hold back…email now to pray, give, come.
In His Service,

Jared Waipouri

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