A long overdue update

It’s been flat out here…so flat out, we’ve been forgetting to keep up with the updates…
So here’s a round up of our current situation…
Ni-Vanuatu (the people of Vanuatu) are incredibly resilient people. Within the weeks following Cyclone Pam, we have seen Port Vila return to nearly totally normal function. Many homes, even in devastated areas have been quickly rebuilt using the locally available materials. Though many gardens were destroyed, we’re beginning to see the fruit and vegetable market stock some products again.
Bearing in mind that Port Vila is the capital, outside the main centres information travels quite slowly. There have been accusations of misappropriation of aid, specifically the distribution of food aid has received much criticism.
The ability to source clean drinking water continues to be a challenge for many, and YWAM Vanuatu has been making efforts to help address this. In the first instance, Justice Water were generous enough to hand-carry 150 family size filters to us: within 8 days of the cyclone we were able to help ensure clean water for the families in our immediate neighbourhood. More recently, we’ve been assisting by helping families to drill their own well bores, and create bio-sand filters.
In addition, a partnership with Linking the World has resulted in the provision of 75 community sized filter units from Lifestraw being available for schools, health clinics and other community locations. Another 50 are planned when the need arises.
YWAM Vanuatu has been deeply blessed by an outpouring of prayer and assistance from around the globe. Within 7 days of the cyclone devastating 9 of 12 buildings at V2 Life (YWAM’s flagship base here), assistance in the form of a Kona DTS team and an individual from YWAM Battambang was on the ground. Since then we’ve seen more than 25 individuals, many qualified builders, electricians and plumbers put their hands to rebuilding our training base in time for our August DTS.
In addition to base rebuild, Marine Reach (NZ) sent 3 DTS teams to us, one of which will be ministering as medical professionals on Tanna Island in coming weeks, and the other two continue to have remarkable ministry times on Ambrym and Efate Islands, seeing healings of both body and soul.
Yesterday I wrote the following as response to a question about our capability to host teams:
“… Though the cyclone has had an impact on our ministries, if anything it has increased our desire to get teams like yours [BELT Team] out into communities… “
Though many in Vanuatu will never forget the impact this cyclone has had on their lives, YWAM Vanuatu have been encouraged, blessed and astonished by the resilience, community spirit, and humility with which Ni-Vanuatu have taken it in their stride. On a ministry level, we are excited for the doors the Lord has opened for us to love those around us, and we intend to continue to grow our ministries in clean water, health and bible literacy as methods for “discipling a nation.”
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