How Can YOU Help??

Pray. Many have lost homes, possessions, gardens, and drinking water. Pray for them that their immediate and ongoing needs will be met. Pray that the Lord’s peace will comfort them as they respond to significant changes in their daily lives. Pray that the Lord will give energy, wisdom and grace to those of us working to coordinate relief and aid.

Give. YWAM Vanuatu, and the wider community is in desperate need of finances to start the process of rebuilding homes, schools and other community buildings. In addition, there is an acute need for water filtration to provide clean drinking water for a huge number of people. Many gardens have been lost, meaning many will have difficulty feeding their loved ones for the coming 4-6 months.  Please click HERE to donate.

Come. We need help with rebuilding. We need help distributing aid to isolated communities and finding those in need. Builders, plumbers, electricians, farmers, engineers, and adventurers are needed yesterday.

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