YWAM Vanuatu: Update #2, March 16

YWAM Vanuatu Disaster Relief Information

In the wake of Cyclone Pam, I am the coordinator for YWAM’s relief response. All YWAMers in Vanuatu are safe and accounted for. Marine Reach’s accommodation centre in Port Vila was mercifully undamaged (although a few of our trees fell over).

YWAMbaseYWAM V2 Life has lost most of their buildings (all personnel evacuated before the cyclone reached us). There are two homes remaining, which were flooded but otherwise undamaged. This will allow V2 Life staff to return once they have been repaired, however there is much to do to restore the base to operating condition. V2 Life is also in the unique position of being able to assist an otherwise forgotten community in the Teouma Valley area. There is currently no vehicle access due to a damaged bridge.

In the bigger picture, Vanuatu is very shortly going to be in need of clean water, and food. Many iron roof structures on outer islands have been damaged, meaning that drinking water is an acute need. With most gardens destroyed, food stocks are also going to dwindle swiftly.

Action Points:

Please Pray. Pray that the Lord will give those of us on the ground the wisdom, energy and grace for this very intense season. Pray that families whose lives have been changed forever will know the peace of the Lord as they deal with the changes. Pray for the government of the nation, that they would respond with wisdom, humility and strength of duty to their people.

Please take up an offering. Initial estimates indicate that restoring V2 Life is going to cost in excess of $250,000 USD. In addition, there are many communities in that area in need of assistance to rebuild their lives. To donate money, please click HERE.

Please send teams. We have an immediate need for ongoing construction focussed teams to assist with the rebuild of V2 Life base, and also to assist with distribution of aid materials like water filtration systems.

For more information, please contact me directly either by email, skype (responses rely on generator power at this stage)************; or 24/7 by mobile phone +**********.

In His Service,
Jared Waipouri

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