YWAM Vanuatu: Update #1, March 15

YWAM Vanuatu Report: Update, Donation, and Team Information

Hello Everyone,

You are receiving this email because I have received many emails, text messages or phone calls from people all around the world in the last 4 days expressing concern, and/or asking how they may be able to serve Vanuatu following the Category 5 cyclone PAM. Sorry I wasn’t able to add everyone at ACBC, so please feel free to pass this around.

Jared Waipouri and I have been asked to coordinate communications and relief response on behalf of YWAM Vanuatu. We may also be able to assist you in other related areas.
On the YWAM side:

Marine Reach’s Grace House came out unscathed except a few trees down in the yard.
The YWAM base V2 Life was all but flattened: the old kindergarten building’s roof is nowhere to be found, the 3 thatch bungalows and local cooking house have been flattened, and the prayer house roof flew away. Thankfully, despite a lot of water inside, 2 houses remain ok and will be liveable again in a few days.

By God’s grace, no lives were lost. Marine Reach is currently hosting V2 Life staff until their houses are cleaned up and liveable. The remaining rebuild of the base is going to take many months and is estimated to cost in excess of $150,000USD.

In Port Vila there are trees on roads, and many buildings no longer have part (or all) of their roof. In some places, houses have been completely destroyed, but in many locations, quite nonsensically the one right next door remains untouched.

Water supply was restored quickly, and mobile phone networks are swiftly being restored, with much of Port Vila now having some mobile coverage. Electricity remains off for most of the city (I am relying on a generator to write this email), but the local power company is working quickly to restore power. One estimate suggested it may be 3 months before all of Port Vila has power back. Fuel stations are closed due to damage to pumps; one was open today however only one pump was functional, making lines for fuel a long slow prospect. Fuel itself is not a concern, as fuel suppliers have full, undamaged stock tanks. Food availability may become a concern in the coming weeks, as roads out of Port Vila are closed due to damaged bridges, preventing fruit and vegetables reaching the market in addition, many gardens have been devastated, resulting in what may become a short term acute shortage of staple foods.

Aid has been arriving from Australia and NZ and Australian and NZ citizens have been offered free military evacuation on returning flights.

However for those without internet, access to accurate news remains difficult.
Mobile phone networks remain inoperative in the Northern parts of the country, due to severe damage to relay towers on Pentecost Island. It was suggested these will be dealt with following the completion of work in Port Vila. As far as we know most of our contacts in this region are OK.

Short and Medium term needs as I can see them at this point:
-Rebuilding homes and related buildings
-Repairing/replacing roofs
-Replanting food crops
-Immediate food supplies
-Inter-island transport for rebuild materials
-Medical care for those injured or affected by displacement
-Temporary accommodation for displaced people

If you are interested in coming or sending people to assist, please contact us at the earliest possible convenience. We have some accommodation available, and a packing list for those coming for this special kind of trip. Accommodation will vary from tents to private rooms depending on when you come.
The following is a few skills we would love to have:

-Tradesmen (Carpenters, brick and blocklayers, electricians, painters, plasterers, plumbers, gas fitters, engineers)
-Farmers/Agriculturalists (You guys have an amazing ability to do anything and everything)
-General hardworkers
-Medical Professionals
– Counsellors
– Health educators
(If you have another skill set, get in touch! We can probably use you too!)

We are expecting 3 teams on 4 April.

If you are interested in sending funds, food, or building materials to help with the massive rebuild of Vanuatu, YWAM Vanuatu will keep a list of opportunities in and around Efate island, and looking forward, may be able to assist with needs further afield also.

To give by direct deposit to Marine Reach (cyclone PAM fund) please contact me for details.
In addition all donations I personally receive for the next month will be going towards helping those in Vanuatu. I will keep you updated on where that money is going as it is needed.

To donate straight through me, please contact me for my direct deposit information (and reference ‘vanuatu’) or go onto my website. The website has not been able to be updated, but please be assured that anything raised through there for the next month will not be going to me personally. http://www.peacepowerlove.com

Please understand that needs will change quickly, and I will endeavour to remain up to date. I do not intend to send another bulk email such as this, so please email me as and when you need further assistance or information.

I realise that I may not have adequately answered the question on your mind, so please feel free to ask questions, I’ll do my best to answer them in a timely fashion.
I’m currently relying on a generator for electricity until electricity is back on.

Dependent on battery life and signal, I am available on my mobile 24/7 +*********, email and facebook.

In His Service,
Shelley dos Santos
Marine Reach

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