Drinking Water

We’re making plans to ensure that your visit to Vanuatu is productive for all of us.

Today (Friday) we’re receiving the first of hundreds of personal water filtration units that Justice Water have been helping us get hold of. We are SO excited to see these, because they’re a massive acute need here in Vanuatu right now.

The trouble is, there’s no sense in giving out toys that people don’t understand or cannot use. So we have a plan.

Every team and individual we send to help provide clean drinking water will receive a one day training course, covering not only the use of these amazing little filters, but also other easy to implement water tools.

The course will cover:

-Use of Sawyer personal filters

-Construction and operation of bio-sand water filters

-Construction and operation of homemade bore pumps (subject to demand)

Exciting Right?!

So what are you waiting for! Get in touch and come on down!

Can’t come? Help pay for a water filter ($50), or a bore and pump($400)!

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