Where is the aid??

Yesterday (Friday), we went off for a drive around the island. We have a few friends up north that we wanted to check on. We were saddened and shocked with what we found.

See pictures here.

Along the eastern, northern and southern sides of the island, the damage was bad. Buildings decimated, roofs gone, trees bereft of all leaves. Roads covered in sand left by massive waves, and bridges missing half of their structure. Villages without a source of safe, clean water, and gardens destroyed. In a few short weeks, that’s going to mean severe food shortages.

But there was one thing which was even more disturbing.

We did not see a single aid worker, or aid vehicle.

With the hundreds of aid workers arriving in Port Vila in the last 7 days, that seems wrong. Where are they all? What are they doing with their millions of dollars in aid supplies if it is not reaching villages only an hours drive from the nation’s capital?

Needless to say, YWAM are considering how we might step into the gap. We can’t do much, but surely we can at least help with clean water…

Help us by Donating here

Or maybe you prefer to be feet on the ground?

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