Rebuild teams and reassurances

Yesterday, Marine Reach in Vanuatu had the special treat of a visit from regional director Captain Jesse Misa.  As part of the visit, we made sure that he visited the rest of our YWAM family to see what’s been going on. See the photos here.

It’s been encouraging to see the outpouring of support from our international YWAM family in the last 12 days. Right now we have a rebuild team on the ground helping to tidy up the site from YWAM Ships Kona. We have a number of other teams working on coming in from friends in New Zealand and Australia in the coming months.

Out in the community, we’ve been able to help supply water filtration for families thanks to huge help by our friends at Justice Water. After a few interesting meetings, we’re also working on availability of some larger scale water filtration units, and there are places whose pain in this area is reaching our ears.


If you pray:

Pray for us as we work to rebuild. Pray for safety, patience, wisdom and grace.

Pray for our coordination with the national development agencies: the paperwork is pretty daunting for amateurs.

Pray for provision of food, materials and people.

Pray for all those who are struggling with food shortages, dirty water, and resulting health problems.
If you give:

We still need thousands to help rebuild V2 Life, YWAM’s flagship base in Vanuatu.

We’re trying to get help to those who need clean water, but this is tough to do. $100USD is enough to provide a soft ground water bore and a PVC hand pump.

If you serve:

We’re going to need help for a few more months, and we currently have open space for up to 3 rebuild teams in May.

We need admin help for our growing ministry. If you’re an experienced administrator with the stuff to handle developing nation lifestyle (for at least 2 years) and you’ve completed more than one YWAM school, get in touch with us!

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