The momentum is gathering…

It’s been a while since we’ve managed to post here, and there’s good reason.

A LOT has been going on. We’ve seen our first $5000USD worth of rebuild funds distributed towards the rebuild of V2 Life. We’ve seen our friends from around the world buying tickets to fly in and help rebuild. We’ve even received promise of assistance in the form of community filtration units for our clean drinking water program.

Amid all of that, damaged buildings are being dismantled, people are leaving and arriving every few days at the airport (our second home), and of course, water filters and clean water technology is being placed where it is needed.

We’re still fundraising.
Long after the immediate drama of the catastrophe has passed, we’ll be building, fixing and sowing into the communities around us.

And because clean water has always been part of our DNA, that’s going to carry on.

In coming days and weeks, we’ll be updating our help needed page and revisiting our donations page to be sure the most accurate information is available.

Watch this space…

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